Possessed Business – Comprehensive Transportation “Autobus”

Las February, Comprehensive Transportation (Autobus) have decided to force all the passengers who use their buses to buy their “Smart Cards – E-kartak” for JD 1.5 (not charged) with the ability to charge the card from any “E-Kartak” spot, but as I’ve heard most people were not notified about such action.
Last month while I was waiting for “Mecca St Bus” in downtown an Iraqi old man was asked to leave the “Abu Nsiar Bus” because he had no “Smart Card”, I asked the man what he thought of this “Smart Card” he told me that “this company wants everybody to buy this card and I don’t have the money to!” a month before this incedent happened I witnessed a fight between an Autobus driver and a guy from Al Ghor for this card “E-Kartak”

The “Smart Card – E-Kartak” is a good idea if ONLY:
1- buying it was optional, and with less price than JD 1.5
2- The company gave concentrated training to the drivers and employees on how to promote the “new” technology.
3- people from outside Amman were excluded from the calculation!

4- More campaigns were conducted to change the image of the “smart card”

I wish that the guys at the “Comprehensive Autobus” change the way they look to our Ammani residents and take their suggestions into consideration.

* Autobus covers 75% of Amman.

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