Possessed Business – Umniah! “Know Your Country?”

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… Well Umniah launched it’s new summer campaign titled “Know Your Country” but what’s fun about it is that it has nothing to do with “countries”
… on the 9th of July, 2009 I received a message from Umniah asking me to participate in it’s summer contest that’s titled “Know Your Country“, the translation for the message goes like this:
Win JD 1.000 everyday with “Know Your COUNTRY” contest, the question of the day is:
what is the best sport for a pregnant woman?
1. Volleyball
2. Walking
Send the number of the correct answer to 99999.

…dear Umniah please, try to respect those 1.500.000 subscribers you have, and try to build a better reputation for god’s sake!

this contest doesn’t need anymore explanation, Umniah’s k.y.c (know your country) messages were sent to nearly 1.500.000 of your followers…

So just make us happy! you realize that people have three other operators waiting to take over your empire!
* the translation for this topic had to be in the Jordanian slang, not all of the 1.5000.000 subscibers speak English!

… أمنية اطلقت حملتها الصيفية الجيدة اللي سمتها “اعرف بلدك” بس اللي بضحك بالموضوع انو الحملة ما الها علاقة باشي اسمو بلد!
بتاريخ 9-7-2009 وصلتني رسالة من أمنية بتقول فيها:
اربح 1000 دينار يوميا مع مسابقة اعرف بلدك, سؤال اليوم:
الرياضة المناسبة للمرأة الحامل هي:
1. كرة اليد
2. المشي
ارسل رمز الاجابة الصحيحة ل99999
… عزيزتي امنية يا ريت لو تحترمي مشتركينك المليون ونص اكتر شوي, وحاولي تبني سمعة احسن عنك مشان الله!
المسابقة هاي ما بدها لا زيادة ولا شرح رسائل اعرف بلدك صارت بموبايل مليون ونص مشترك تقريبا
عشان هيك حاولي تفرحينا بطريقة تانية! وانتي عارفة منيح انه في 3 مشغلين للخطوط الخلوية غيرك بستنو منك غلطة عشان يلطشوا زبون!

* كان لازم اكتب باللهجة العامية لانه مش كل مشتركي امنية بحكوا فصحى او انجليزي

Possessed Business – Comprehensive Transportation “Autobus”

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Las February, Comprehensive Transportation (Autobus) have decided to force all the passengers who use their buses to buy their “Smart Cards – E-kartak” for JD 1.5 (not charged) with the ability to charge the card from any “E-Kartak” spot, but as I’ve heard most people were not notified about such action.
Last month while I was waiting for “Mecca St Bus” in downtown an Iraqi old man was asked to leave the “Abu Nsiar Bus” because he had no “Smart Card”, I asked the man what he thought of this “Smart Card” he told me that “this company wants everybody to buy this card and I don’t have the money to!” a month before this incedent happened I witnessed a fight between an Autobus driver and a guy from Al Ghor for this card “E-Kartak”

The “Smart Card – E-Kartak” is a good idea if ONLY:
1- buying it was optional, and with less price than JD 1.5
2- The company gave concentrated training to the drivers and employees on how to promote the “new” technology.
3- people from outside Amman were excluded from the calculation!

4- More campaigns were conducted to change the image of the “smart card”

I wish that the guys at the “Comprehensive Autobus” change the way they look to our Ammani residents and take their suggestions into consideration.

* Autobus covers 75% of Amman.

لسمائك A piece of Islam’s controversial “poetry”

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لسمائك كل تلك النجوم ..

التي تتناثر نمشا على وجهي

وجهي رمل العرافة وادواتها ..

حبر الساحرات دموعي والخيبة انشداهي ..

لسمائك كل المناديل المطرزة ..

بماء البكاء ..

بكاء النرجس على ناياتها المذعورة ..

ومن قصيدة “على قلق كأن الريح تحتي” يقول:

على قلق

امحوني لأكتبني من جديد

على قلق أقبلها

كان البحر يرسل الموج فيّ

أغرق على قلق

تقبلني يسقط وجهي سهوا

بين حمامتين انام

This is a piece of Islam Samhan’s controversial poetry!

Go figure!

Tickets… for Moskva Raw Meets 3mman?

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… Well, I know I never posted anything useful online since I started my own “dot-less” place, but this is a “to post for”!!
yesterday (the 20th) I and my friend went to Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts to take a look at the “new wave” Moskva Raw Meets 3mman is talking about, but something akward was told to me once I laid my eyes on the fist piece that was hung in the hall, which is “hmm you have to buy a ticket in order to see this”! that’s exactly what the guy who “sells the tickets” told me, so I -without saying a word- stepped out of the place and headed the park to have a cigarette just to try to forget what just happened! but apparently I couldn’t! so I went back to the mentioned place and asked the “guy” about the reason why there’s tickets to see an art exhibiton! he answered me -with a hesitant tongue- that this is the new “system” all the art place are taking money to let people in! I quckly gave him long speech on how this thing has never happened to me and how it is so unacceptable it is to earn money from something like this and that other artistic places don’t do so, so the “guy” gently apologized for the inconvenience and asked me to take a look at “Moskva Raw Meets 3mman” for “free”!!! (yeah lucky me)!

…By the way, nothing about “tickets” is mentioned in the event page and a big “THANK YOU HSBC” was hung outside, which means that HSBC bank was more than generous with supporting the event!


… In… or maybe not!

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…The idea of having a blog seemed “useless” to me,  for the fact that I don’t have the time nor the money to publish my thoughts online (and I still think so… sometimes) but for months the same idea kept digging into my head every now and then, so here I am trying to break the first “virtual” three dots in my countless dots list.

Let me hope these dots won’t overcome my pre-planned “no dots” world!

[… this isn’t the whole story… it’s just… hmm there’s no word describing it… just read between the dots!]